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Christmas List 2000
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If you're a member of the family, you're probably here to look at the 2001 Christmas Gift List©. If you're not a member of the family, don't peek!

If you're interested in me, you can take a peek at my resume to get a little info on my experience. A personal bio and scandalous pictorial are still in the works. A new page is under development, dedicated to the Dixie dog and the Sunshine puppy, the two furriest members of our nuclear family. Also coming soon, a page with all the pictures and videos we're making for the newest member of the family, Ryan Frederic.

I have decided to retire my Dale Jarrett Fan Page. I am still a fan of Dale Jarrett, but Real Life™ has forced me to stop my updates. Also, the reason I really started the page was because the web had some really lame and outdated sites devoted to DJ and I thought "I could do that!". Well, I did, and now my site is the lame and outdated one. I'm planning on leaving it up for posterity, but don't expect it to be updated again anytime soon. The best Dale Jarrett site out there (and one of the main reasons I don't feel strongly about keeping my site up, 'cause I can't compete :) is The Unofficial Robert Yates Racing News Page.

I have a couple of Winamp skins completed, one already on this site: Abstraction, and another dedicated to the Calvin College Basketball champs of 2000 called "Knights". That one is posted on Winamp.com, if you want to search it out. I have completed building my own computer for the first time, and have successfully turned my old desktop PC into a server running LINUX. It's functioning as a router and a firewall at the moment, and I hope to have printer and file sharing available for the rest of the home network someday.

  e-mail: homepage@ejk.freeservers.com
I've tripped over my shoelaces 14826 times.