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The NASCAR Home Page.
Undeniably, the ultimate source for all your NASCAR information needs. As the only site officially sponsored by NASCAR, Nascar On-Line provides daily updates, great driver info, and live coverage of Qualifying and Racing. Check it out (if you haven't already...)

Winston Cup Standings

Dale Jarrett's Fan Club is the OFFICIAL site of DJ's Fan Club, produced by its new management, Action Performance. They have a good design and some great information on how DJ is doing this year and it looks like it's actually UPDATED on its info! Plenty of feature articles and lots of biographical information, too. This site is great even if you aren't a member of the Dale Jarrett Fan Club, so you should really check it out!

Dale Jarrett Online
Dale Jarrett Online is the OFFICIAL home of DAJ Racing, the company which owns the Busch Series #32 White Rain Taurus (or is it the #32 unsponsored Monte Carlo?). If you want information on Busch Schedules and who's driving when, or if you want biographical info on Dale Jarrett and Jason Jarrett, or if you just want to order some Dale Jarrett Merchandise, This is the place to look.
Recently they have added a slide show of the machine shop where the cars are built and repaired, and they also have an Updates button (which doesn't seem to be working yet... hmmm).

The Unofficial RYR News Page
Holy Cow! You want news? You Got News! If I need a story, this is usually the first place I look. This page is absolutely huge with info on your favorite racing team, Robert Yates Racing. They really keep up with quotes and stories from all over the WWW and provide links to everything and anything related to Dale Jarrett, Kenny Irwin, or RYR in general. They also have a great tribute page to the late, great, Davey Allison. There's SO MUCH info on this page, it may take you a while just to get to the bottom of it!

88DJ is the author of another amateur web page devoted to Dale Jarrett. If you're looking for some great Dale Jarrett pics, this is the place to go. He also has a lot of cool java-multimedia-animation-type stuff on his page so check it out. He updates regularly, and he even has pictures of races he has been to, most recently the Bristol race from Spring 1998.

Jim's NASCAR Fan Page
Jim is yet another amateur Fan Page author; he's got some great shots from some recent races he's been to, and some really good Links. Check it Out! (But just what does Lenny Kravitz have to do with NASCAR? :)

Athlete Daily's Dale Jarrett Page
NEW! Athlete Daily's Dale Jarrett Page is a good resource for your daily Dale Jarrett fix. They are closely associcated with many of the top sports networks, so their information is some of the best available.

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