Eric's Dale Jarrett Theme

Welcome DJ Fans! If you want to have your desktop show just how much of a Dale Jarrett fan you are, Download Eric's Dale Jarrett Theme! There are a few options on how to do it:
  • Backgrounds:
    If you want to just have Eric's DJ Background, click on the appropriate link for the size of your desktop. Once the image has fully loaded, right-click on the image and select Set as Background. (Netscape will convert the Jpeg into a bmp called Netscape Wallpaper on your computer and set your desktop image to that file.) It's That easy!
  • Icons:
    These Icons are for the "My Computer" and "Recycle Bin" on your desktop. The My Computer icon is the #88, while the Recycle Bin has a #24 on the side of it. You must change these icons in your Display Control Panel.
  • Cursors:
    These Cursors are for the Busy and Working animations. You must change these cursors in your Mouse Control Panel.
  • Sounds:
    The sounds are for the default sound (an air-wrench), the startup sound (DJ's car revving up), and for the exit sound ("DJ will pass Rusty with ease down the backstretch"). You must change these sounds in your Sound Control Panel.
  • Download Everything:
    This option will give you all the sounds, all the icons, all the cursors, and all three sizes of Backgrounds in jpeg format. Just Unzip the file into a directory, and manualy change everything under the Control Panel.
Some Images from other sources, including and 88DJ's fan page. All Other Pictures Property of EDJFP.
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